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For gamblers that love watching movies and playing slot games, what better combo could there be than combining them both activities? At online casinos, you will discover that there are plenty of slot games that are based on popular movie plots. Game producers usually go into a licensing agreement with the movie producers to allow them to produce thrilling slots legally. These slots typically feature original images, video clips and music from the featured movie. While playing such movie-themed slots, most of them bring out the most imaginative and unique features that brings the movie theme to life in a slot game.

Most of us watch movies during our free times and would love it if we get some pay for it. Well, with movie-themed slot machines, you can get paid for watching a movie in away. Research reveals that a different person has different genre taste when it comes to movies. However, only a few persons can say that they do not like movies altogether. Playing movie-themed slots can give you a relive of the best moments from your favourite movie, and even get paid for it. Movie-themed slots machines have gained popularity over the last few years, and as such many gaming companies are taking advantage of this growing trend.

Game creators compile the best characters, scenes, and music from major motion pictures to create a gaming experience that looks very much like the movie itself. Movie-themed slots can be found inland and virtual casinos all around the world with the well-known genre. Most of these games are cation and thriller, but there are also slots for romance, comedy, and every other niche known to the big screen. Here are nine of the best top movie-themed slots that any cinephile will love playing:



The rocky slot game offered by PlayTech is based on the popular movie which stars Sylvester Stallone as the boxer named Rocky Balboa. The game features several characters from the film as symbols. These characters include Balboa himself, his wife Adrian, his opponents that he faced in the rings like Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago. The letters of the movie title ‘rocky’ are also used as symbols.

This is a 25 pay line slot using five reels. It has two bonus rounds and a gamble feature which allows you to double up your winning after a successful spin. There is also a unique feature that can win you five times your total bet.

In this game, rocky climbs into the reels with some of his biggest opponents, while the love of his life plays a role in his determination to lift the big prize. A player steps into the ring by spinning the reels of this five-reel and 25 pay line slot. You get to enjoy round after round of 3, 4 and 5 symbol wins which include a 300 for keeping Adrian safe, 500 for turning Clubber Lang into blubber Lang, 800 for sending Ivan Drago back to Russia with a butt-kicking, and 1000 for flooring Apollo creed. Also, when your wins contain a famous opponent from the movie, you will see a celebratory clip. On the first and last reels, a knockout bonus glove symbol appears which signals the activation of the knockout bonus round. The scatter symbols also trigger bonus free spins where players can win a 100 times their bet.



The justice league slot game is a five-reel, 40 pay-line progressive jackpot slot created by Playtech. Based on the movie, the slot game is superb as it features the superheroes such as the flash, cyborg, aqua-man, wonder woman, superman and batman on the reels. There is a superhero re-spin feature which randomly gives you a re-spin with the superhero acting wild, and this can be retriggered up to 5 times.

However, the game is all about six different free spin features; and for each superhero character present, a varying free spin is available. In the six different features, any superhero character that lands on them will turn the symbols wild.  Amongst the various games available, the most volatile of all is the Batman Free Games feature; this is because you get just two free spins accompanied with a giant 2×2 feature frames on each free spin. Amazingly, the game has four continuous jackpots to be won, and the six different spin modes are based on the six superheroes in the game with each having the power to turn symbols wild. The more games you play; the freer spins feature you will unlock giving you access to bigger wins in the game. Here’s a list of what to expect in the game:

justice league slot game playtech

The Flash Free Games feature – for this, 15 free spins are available, and for each superhero landing in the feature frame, the symbols turn wild with two or more scatters retrigger the feature to give you a total of 30 free spins.
Cyborg Free Games feature – this offers 12 free spins. Each superhero landing in the feature frame turns all the symbols wild. An extra frame appears after each free spin without a transformation. On retriggering the feature, a total of 24 free spins are available for two or more scatters.
Aquaman Free Games feature – each player gets ten free spins for this game type. Each playing symbol landing in the feature frame turns all matching symbols wild. For two or more scatters, the feature is retriggered and a total of 20 free spins are.
Wonder Woman Free Games feature – this game offers seven free spins. A superhero landing in the feature frame to turns the symbols wild. A range of 1-5 feature frames are on each free spin, and two or more scatters retriggers the feature frame to give 14 free spins.
Superman Free Games feature – there are five free spins available. A superhero symbol landing in the feature frame gives a wild symbol with a giant 2×2 feature frame on every free spin.
Batman Free Games feature –  this is the most volatile option which offers players get two free spins. Any superhero landing in the feature frame will turn all superhero symbols wild.



This is one of the unique games in Playtech’s collection; for any player who desires a breathtaking game, Top Gun is the best choice. Top gun is an official legal slot game type whose features are similar to that in the movie with the same name. Players who feel the need for speed should plug into the Top Gun slot machine game right away and enjoy the experience. International Game Technology, IGT originally owned the Top Gun slot, but Playtech acquired the online rights, and they now own the game.

The game showcases the leading All Ways technology, and generously offers players 243 ways to win with every spin. Hence, for each time you get to spin the reels, you can win one of the significant game prizes, trigger the Danger Zone Free Games round, or watch as the jet zoom into view and blasts a host of Dogfight Wilds onto your five reels. The Playtech game is legalized and has little animations, and features from the movie franchise; which includes the occasional strain of Berlin’s smash hit single, Take My Breath Away, a song which was featured on the film’s official soundtrack. Lovers of the movie are sure to enjoy every bit of the game; the game is a brilliant slot game from Playtech and has fantastic features to enjoy. Diehard slot game players might have an issue with the free games round capped at eight spins, and the Dogfight Wilds property seems rarer than Haley’s Comet. Aside from these differences, Top Gun is rather fun, smooth and enjoyable.



This is a Microgaming slot game based on the original Avalon game. This slot version has however been upgraded into a blockbuster game with 3D animation and superb bonus property by Microgaming. The game offers three free spins, rolling reels trailing wilds, two randomly triggered features in the base game as well eight bonus features via the Grail Bonus feature. This game is epic all round and has a high recommendation for gamers.

In continuation of the original blockbuster, the game, Avalon II once takes players on a journey to retrieve the Holy Grail. Eight bonus games are available to guide you through each step to your destination; this slot game from Microgaming keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the Play.

Microgaming gives players high-quality graphics, lucrative prices and super-cool animations, and this game is not short of all these. In essence, this gaming experience is one of a kind.

Free spin features, rolling reels and trailing wilds, among other qualities are available, and all are geared at helping players earn fantastic payouts. Avalon II also uses the 243 ways to win technology. Therefore every spin is loaded with winning potential.



microgaming slot game - game of thrones

Lovers of the most captivating stories of the time, the Game of Thrones, either the books or the TV series would most likely want to try the slot game version from Microgaming. The game rewards you for finding all sorts of the game-based characters. The game is centred on the storyline where 4 Houses of Westerton, Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen, all battle for the Iron Throne; you can either join your favourite side and get rewarded for trying to defeat the others or try and beat them all and get on the Iron Throne yourself.

Payouts are calculated based on how many matching symbols are located. At the same time, the best players in battle also get awarded bonuses which include: a wild bonus, Stacked Wild Bonus, Scatter Bonus, Free Spins Bonus and a spectacular Gamble Feature.

A variety of ways also exist for slot players to stake each spin to suit them; the game of thrones slot game can be played and enjoyed via mobile devices including all the latest Android and iOS gadgets.



The original Jurassic Park movie dates back to as far as 1993, while the online slot version from Microgaming is recent. The period when the Jurassic Park slot game was first released, it was the first slot to use 3D scrolling background scenery. The game has transparent reels, and when playing, it is as though you are walking through a prehistoric jungle. It appears to be more realistic and practical when the T-rex bonus kicks in at random.

The game has a lot of dinosaurs characters, along with the main human characters from the movie which serve as symbols on the reels; it becomes fascinating when you hit 3 of the lumps of amber to unlock amazing features such as bugs, which contain the DNA for the recreated dinosaurs. As a player, your win increases when you hit these lumps of amber; this is because it will trigger one of the impressive free spins bonus games.




This is a slot game type that is based on Greek mythology; only a few of the game type, however, have the winged Pegasus among their ranks.

The theme of the Greek mythology exists in the slot games, but a few have the winged horse Pegasus in their ranking system. The game features a Pegasus Rising, from Blueprint Gaming with its toothy hero rising above the clouds. Practical Play has used a cartoon look to represent characters, with Hercules & Pegasus as reminiscent of the old Asterix and Obelix comic books. Alongside Pegasus, Hercules and Zeus show up at intermittent intervals to help cobble a few wins together.

The game is indeed a mythology themed slot. However, it does not contain any heartless gods raining lightning down on mortals without mercy. The game, Hercules & Pegasus uses a light-hearted perspective, with a sense of humour to weather the highs and lows of what the game presents. The theory of first impressions matter, hold in this game, as the background gives the mythologically look, inspired with dreamy clouds, stars, and natural effects.

Hercules and pegasus themed slot game

The classically themed action is presented on a 5×3 layout with 20 fixed pay lines. Though the look and games are different, a few spins, as well as the vibe of the game, is similar to the former Practical Play slot Aladdin and the Sorcerer. The reels of the gameplay a short jingle as they spin, which interestingly plays the soundtrack clearly if you engage turbo spins; this feature makes them tempting to join, but caution must be taken as they are lightning-fast. The game offers several bet levels to suit perfectly any bankroll from 10 c/p to up to £/€100 a spin. Wavy, Greco styled 10, a royal makes up the lesser pay symbols.

A pot, a golden harp, a temple on a cloud, and the game’s logo represent four higher paying symbols that make up the rest of the paytable.  The logo pays the most at 20 times the stake for five of a kind. The default RTP is set to 96.5%, and volatility is rated 3.5/5 on the load screen and 4.5/5 on the paytable. The game may be a little confusing. However, it is volatile and tough to crack. Base game combinations are generally reasonably low due to the high volatility, but they become more exciting when the features come into play.



This is a top trend game that is based on the most famous superheroes stores in history; the game centres around saving the day by joining forces with the heroes as you play for cash on the reels. Top Trend Gaming designed the game, and it features heroes such as Spiderman, Thor, Deadpool, Hulk, Ironman, amongst others. The design of the game has an appealing and authentic cartoon style which fits the comic theme and is visible in all screen sizes on compatible devices.

A comic fan can easily spot all the characters clearly while a regular player will also be able to relate with plenty of the characters. The game has five reels and 25 pay lines which are gotten from 25 full spins, the game also has provisions for reduction of stake to an entry point of 0.02 for players with a low budget, and a maximum bet of 150.00 can also be played.

To play, you have to make your pick from the superhero characters as each of them have distinct characteristics, and you have to carefully select what matches the benefits of your betting style



This is a video slot type of game that has themes centred around adventure, exploration, temple and tomb raiding. Young and Dangerous is a  XIN Gaming based on the Hong Kong movie with the same name; it offers five reels. Two hundred forty-three pay lines and lots of jackpots win for players. Wild symbols, bonus game, scatter symbol, free spins and autoplay option are some of the fantastic features embedded in the game.

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